Sunday, October 30, 2011

Full Sail University

Full Sail University

I hope to attend Full Sail University and pursue a career working with the media arts.

My interests are:
  • making commercials;
  • radio;
  • movies;
  • music;
  • editing;
  • creative writing; and
  • story boarding.
I can think of no greater thing than to make a living doing something that I love.


  1. I'm still exploring what I want to do in the world of multimedia.
    I have made many movies, a few of them were stop motion animation with both live actors and animation.
    I think I will have made about 30 radio talk shows.
    I have recorded about 20 of my original raps to promote the radio programs.
    I will have broadcasted the morning announcements on live closed circuit TV 170 mornings.
    I have two professional radio commercials recorded and aired on local radio.
    I hope to interview hundreds of people in 200 restaurants from Alaska to Florida by the end of summer of 2012.
    I am not waiting for opportunity to find me. I am seeking every chance I can take to chase my dream.

  2. This is the best school for you. Go and never look back.

  3. Thank you! I cannot wait to completely fill my life with the joys of what FSU has to offer.