Sunday, January 15, 2012

Creative Minds Scholarship

I am working on an essay to compete to become a finalist for the Creative Minds Scholarship for Full Sail University.  I have a couple of weeks before it needs to be complete.  This is a very busy time for me.  My senior year is winding down and speeding up at the same time.

Here is a video I made when I was 14 years old as a freshman at Kodiak High School. The sound quality is quite poor.   I included the written script below.  This work was from 2009.

Dr. Suess does Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
The brave new world was anything but
No one  showed courage or got in a rut
In the new order that Huxley laid out 
People would rather take a pill than deal with their doubt
 When faced with those who were tortured yet brave 
They prefered to turn away than to help or to save.
So I’ve rewritten this chapter we call 17 
In the style of Dr. Seuss, I hope you think it’s keen.
Savage- Mustapha Mustapha, such a high price you have paid. 
Mustapha- For happiness, and religion of course, the rules have been laid!
 - People don’t need to cry over flamdomas.
 - When all we need is to take a soma.
Sav- You’ve traded hard work for the thing called the feelies.
 - I think I’d rather suffer through a bag of nardeelies.
Mus- If there was a God, I wonder what he would say.
Sav- He might say something about solitude and death, about night and day.
Mus- I have books for God and books for Ford.
Sav- To keep books away from them, especially ones about the Lord? 
Mus- Ford is our lord and they know his M.O, 
 - and his way is easy oh yes it is so.
 - I keep the Bible from them for the same reason they can’t have Othello. 
Sav- This is terrible, people need to know about this fellow. 
Mus- These books are old and will confuse the crowd.
Sav- God doesn’t change, he must be heard, he must be loud!
 - People need to bang their bamboozles and fling their flungfoodles.
 - They should cry about grangoozies and mourn over janggoodles.
 Mus- That’s beside the point let me read you a tale.
Sav- You cannot change my mind you will fail.
Mus-  It is by Cardinal Newman, he wrote about what we are and what we are not.
  - We don’t rule ourselves and we can't control our lot.
  - That alone should make us glad.
  - But instead the young feel bad.
 - They want to be independent.
 - Not wanting on God to be dependent. 
 - Cardinal Newman says it is natural for man,
 - To trust in God is the ultimate plan.
 - Now another guy named Maine de Biran.
 - Said God comes easy when your’e an old man.
 - Passion gone.
 - Health gone.
 - Eyesight gone.
 - Youth, all gone.
Sav- Mustapha do you believe there is a God up there?
Mus- I do, really there might be a God looking at us, but from where?
 - You are asking for the right to be unhappy.
Sav-  Yes maybe, and a life that isn’t sappy.
Mus- You want diseases and harsh death that put you in pain for months?
Sav- Yes, and the health and youth doesn’t make pain look so unth.
Mus- All the inconvieniences and mess? 
Sav- All of them, they’re the things that bring life finesse.
 - I like my hopflangers, and goxtrox, my singing ying.
 - And when they all die I want to cry about these things.
Mus-Well then take all of these undesirable pains and aches.
Sav- I take them like a child runs after fresh baked cakes.
Mus- I suppose I can't stop you from feeling this way.
Sav- Thank you very much now, have a nice day!